16 - Via Francisca / San Fedelino ( 200 m A.M.S.L )

The Via Francisca represents an ancient route taken by pilgrims over the centuries and leaves Chiavenna heading off towards the south and the northern shores of Lake Como. The route makes its way along the western flank of the Chiavenna valley bottom as far as San Fedelino comprising a total length of 17 kilometres.

The little church of San Fedelino was constructed just before the year 1000 on the spot where the tomb of the Christian martyr Fedele was discovered. Fedele had been beheaded by Roman soldiers in 286. After the relics had been transferred to Como in 964, this little gem of Romanesque architecture was built and became known as San Fedelino.

The oratory is roughly square-shaped with an east-facing apse and cross vault. There remains traces of frescoes on walls and apse where Christ ´Pantocreatore in Gloria´ is depicted. The paintings are attributed to an anonymous artist from Lombardy during the first two decades of the 11th Century.



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