13 - Gallivaggio / Santuario ( 796 m A.M.S.L )

Within the Val San Giacomo, in addition to San Guglielmo there´s a second church: that of the Santuario di Gallivaggio. Both sacred buildings are a reminder that the Spluga route was not merely a journey undertaken by traders, but also by pilgrims. The sanctuary was constructed within a chestnut grove where in 1492 the Virgin Mary was sighted by two young girls.

On the site of this extraordinary event a chapel was constructed, soon to be replaced by a church which was itself demolished to erect the present sanctuary which was consecrated in 1598. The three chapels bear frescoes by Domenica Caresana di Cureglia (Cantone Ticino) created during the period 1605-1606.

Highly valued also are the canvases of Cesare Ligari from Sondrio, depicting the Cross between Franciscan monks (1739) and the Coronation of Maria painted in 1606 by Paolo Camillo Landriani, the artist known as il Duchino, and which at one time served as the old alter piece; also worth mentioning are a valuable chest, and the organ balcony.



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