1 - Thusis ( 720 m A.M.S.L )

The development of Thusis was characterised by two key elements: on the one hand its role as the centre of the surrounding rural area, and on the other its importance as an Alpine crossroads. With a population of just 3000 it still remains the largest town in the area as well as representing the economic and cultural hub of the region.

Its appearance has been particularly influenced by a centuries-old role as a transit town. The historic centre of Thusis has for this very reason assumed an almost urban character with its tightly-knit housing, and wide streets for the passage of horse-drawn carriages, and pack-carrying animals, alongside extensive cellars and huge warehouses.

The most recently-constructed parts of Thusis appeared following a fire in 1845, and along the carriageway here there are numerous hotels, guest houses and a host of shops. The Via Spluga moves on from Thusis along two quite different routes which head into the ViaMala gorge.

Guided Tour Summer 2019

July and August, every Monday at 17.30, Town hall of Thusis



Hotel Weiss Kreuz
Tel. +41 (0)816500850
Gasthaus Post
Tel. +41 81 651 12 49
Hotel Campell
Tel. +41 (0)816513020



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