The Via Spluga represents a classic cultural hiking route within the central Alps which, throughout the centuries, has linked the towns of Thusis and Chiavenna, hence incorporating the Grigionese people, the Rhaeto-Romansch, Walser and the population of Lombardia. Most of the Via Spluga winds its way gently along old mule-tracks which have either maintained their original characteristics or have at least been restored to something like their natural state.
The route, as well as offering the opportunity to appreciate a slice of genuine history also permits the walker to get to know a very particular mountain terrain alongside the local population whose life has been particularly influenced by generations of travellers making their way across the Alpine pass.

The Via Spluga is 65 kilometres in length. It leaves Thusis (720m) by way of the famous ViaMala gorge as far as Splügen (1457m). From this little town it turns towards the south, climbing up to the Spluga Pass at 2115m, which signals the highest point of the route. From here it thus begins its descent, taking in the entire length of Val San Giacomo until reaching Chiavenna at 333m.

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